For Good

This is flightofdeathfrench and persephonesweasley's Dalton-verse second generation fanfic!

Application for Damien

Your name: Ola

What character you want: Damien Larson-Wright

Write something involving your character:

Damien leaned his head back against the tree, letting out a deep sigh. He was so confused. He groaned and screwed his eyes shut, envisioning a pair of intense brown eyes, long brown hair framing a face. A smile tugged at Damien’s lips. Suddenly the eyes changed, calmed, into a pair of soft smiling eyes, framed with golden curls. Damien opened his eyes, a grin plastered on his lips. Realizing the difference in feeling, his face turned serious. Alice was his girlfriend. Lucie was her bestfriend. Confusion slammed into him again, mingling with guilt. He took a shaky breath and stood up, leaning against the tree before making his way back to Stuart. He needed to sort out these feelings.

Time zone: Central European Time

  • 3 January 2012
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